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5 TV Characters Who Should Be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Aly Semigran November 25, 2013 7:00 am
5 TV Characters Who Should Be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

A giant Snoopy float, every conceivable high school marching band in America and, of course, Santa Claus will all once again make their way down Sixth Avenue in New York City in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day for the annual Macy's parade. While the 2013 parade already has some pretty cool new additions (Finn and Jake from Adventure Time!) from the television world, we thought there were some glaring omissions in this year's lineup. Here are five TV characters that we think deserve to strut, float, or shuffle their stuff in the famous Thanksgiving parade.

Tina From Bob's Burgers
Can you imagine a giant float of Tina Belcher "Unnnnnnnggggggggggggh"-ing her way through the streets of Manhattan? Not only would she get a primo view of all those butts in the crowd, but she's already had flying lessons this season on Bob's Burgers, so she's certainly the most qualified to be a new float.

Leslie From Parks and Recreation
If anybody deserves a victory lap, it's Leslie Knope. What better way to say goodbye to her too-short term as city councilwoman of Pawnee than by being in a parade? Well, as long as the parade float she's standing on isn't sponsored by Sweetums. We can just imagine Leslie -- surrounded by dancing waffles -- waving hello to New York City and saying goodbye to Pawnee.

Scarlett From Nashville
Wouldn't you much rather have someone from the Nashville cast than, say, one of those insufferable Disney Channel stars? While singing sisters Maddie and Daphne seem like the obvious choice for the kid-friendly spectacle, what better way for Scarlett to get over that crippling stage fright than to perform on live television to an audience of millions? Plus, she already dresses like a jaunty parade decoration, so she'll blend right in.

Adam Levine From The Voice
Okay, so Adam Levine isn't technically a "character" (well…), but let's see if The Voice judge has truly earned that Sexiest Man Alive title. If the Maroon 5 singer/world-class d-bag somehow manages to turn the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade -- quite possibly the least sexy televised event of the year, into a sexy affair -- he'll get to keep his title. Otherwise, it's going to Gosling, guy!

The Walkers From The Walking Dead
Sure, this choice is a little unconventional and a lot horrifying, but really are there any other television characters better suited to slooooooooowly shuffling down the street for a few hours? Nope! Plus, think of the absurd commentary from the likes of Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Co. "Our next group has been DYING to check out the Thanksgiving parade. And while they prefer their turkeys and humans uncooked, I think we can all agree that AHHHHH OHHH NOOOO RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Best. Parade. Ever.

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